We invest in sustainability

We only invest when investments result in significant improvements. Our opinion is, the economic benefit, the protection of the environment and the use of new technologies belong together. We believe you cannot do one without the other.

Our production halls are equipped with photovoltaics and provide green electricity. In 2020, we started converting our facilities with LED lighting.

The generation of light by means of light-emitting diodes not only saves electricity, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere through the use of neutral white light in daylight quality, which is physiologically pleasing because it is relaxing and promotes concentration.

As an international company, we want to meet the challenges that an increasingly complex and sensitive environment poses to us. In the long run, economic goals can only be achieved if we treat our environment with respect. The environmental compatibility of new products and production processes must be checked in addition to the economic and technical requirements.

Environmental protection is therefore part of our corporate policy and an important task of corporate management in all functions and at all levels.

We have given ourselves the following guidelines based on our knowledge of these relationships and our shared responsibility for the environment. They are for all obligated employees and apply to all activities of the Truplast Group.

Green Label Certificate

In recognition of our contribution to a more sustainable world, by actively participating in the circular PRS network.

Use of reusable packaging

Use of recycled materials


Sustainability is the future

Together with the team we try to produce sustainably

We develop and sell products that have as little impact on the environment as possible during manufacture, use and disposal. Raw materials and scarce resources such as energy and water are used sparingly. New products and production processes are checked for improved environmental compatibility.

We periodically inform our employees about environmental measures in the company and motivate them to take responsibility and behave in an environmentally conscious manner. We promote environmental knowledge and awareness among our employees through training and instruction.

The avoidance, reduction and recycling of waste has priority over proper disposal. We feed recyclable residues back into the economic cycle. We take preventive measures on our own initiative to protect the air, water and the ground.

We adhere to legal regulations and official requirements as minimum standards. In addition, we strive for a higher level of environmental protection and conservation. Where environmental pollution cannot be avoided, we reduce it as much as possible by using the best available technology.

We know how it works!

As a market leader we offer a comprehensive selection of hoses and hose systems, supported by an extensive range of connectors and accessories. But that is not all; we also specialize in tool and machinery production.