Connection Technology

Highest Quality with modern CNC machines!

We rely on the highest quality in toolmaking and manufacture complex tools with modern CNC machines. Flexible working time models guarantee optimal delivery times. These individual tools are designed and built on the basis of 3D CAD / CAM systems.

All tools are checked for functionality before they are released for series production. We guarantee excellent and quality plastic parts.

We implement capacity expansions through a well-developed network of regional toolmakers.

From idea to implimentation

We help you from the development of the idea to the actual implementation and production of the product.

Market leader with 45 years of experience

With our extensive experience, we have now built a large portfolio thanks to reputable clients.

Complex Sollutions

We have a solution for every problem, no matter how complex.

Hoses, Equipment, Tools and Assembly

We don't limit ourselves to just manufacturing parts. We can also assemble a finished product.

Let us improve your business!

With more than 45 years of experience and having factories worldwide the TRUPLAST Group can guarantee quick and reliable solutions to your requirements.